Today, dialogue represents the only way for stability in Venezuela within the Constitution, President Nicolas Maduro said.

After the second meeting among the main political stakeholders in the country, held in Norway, the president described the talks as positive to seek peace.

On Thursday, Maduro received in his office the report from the head of the government’s delegation, Jorge Rodriguez, after his return from Oslo, where he established contact with leaders of Venezuelan opposition.

‘After months of secret talks to resume the path of dialogue, we advance in a very positive way on the paths of peace. We are optimistic because we believe in harmony,’ Maduro said in a video posted on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the Government of Norway informed in a communiqué that the two parties had expressed their will to move on in the search of ‘an agreed and constitutional solution for the country’.

Despite the public statement by Norwegian authorities, the opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido assured that the meeting ‘ended without an agreement’.

His stance repeats the opposition’s discourse, as it has refused for months to talk with Venezuela’s legitimate authorities.

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