Chile’s energy ministry has laid out its short-term plans for the energy sector, which include furthering interconnection with regional neighbors and introducing several bills to be debated in congress.

At the World Energy Council summit in Santiago, energy minister Susana Jiménez highlighted the advancements her administration has made in regional energy interconnection.

«We recently finished a new study that is key to advance in the interconnection with Argentina, and will allow us to choose more precisely which points of connection are worth pursuing,” Jiménez said.

The ministry is also advancing talks to achieve a regulatory agreement with Bolivia that will allow both countries to conduct energy exchanges.

She also characterized the decarbonization plan that was launched on Tuesday as «unprecedented, because never before had a voluntary deal been reached for the retirement of coal-based plants.” She added the plan will be the main commitment to present at the COP25 international environmental summit, which will take place in Santiago in December.

Jiménez added that her administration was working on a bill related to energy efficiency, a flexibility law and a law regulating distributed generation.

She also said 30 natural gas supply contracts have already been signed between Argentine providers and Chilean companies, and she expects this number to grow.

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