Venezuelan government is on full alert following recently the new installation of DynCorp International company, which builds war weapons.

The lawmaker of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) Julio Chavez told the program Al Aire, belonging to Venezolana de Television, that this company´s origins are English-Israeli, and generates components of sea, air and land.

He also stressed that several investigations confirm that the consortium has a presence in the Middle East attacks, and has a budget from the US government.

Chavez highlighted that the installation in the Neo-Granadian town of Cucuta of the international company is promoted by President Ivan Duque, and alerts the Bolivarian Government to the repeated threats of military intervention in the border area.

In this regard, the MP recalled that Duque is appointed to promote the drug trafficking and para-militarism, so it is necessary, in his view, ‘to govern and control the border territory.’

In that sense, he urged the decision of President Nicolas Maduro to reopen the pedestrian crossings between both nations, but with strict immigration controls through the initiative of the border card for Colombian citizens.

Chavez denied the opinion matrix generated that the President of Venezuela was under pressure from Colombia for the reopening of the bridges, as well as alleged agreements reached at the dialogue table in Oslo, Norway, or the false retention of the protector of the state of Tachira, Freddy Bernal, by paramilitary groups.

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