Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on Sunday rejected statements by Colombian President Ivan Duque to instigate a coup dȎtat against the Government of President Nicolas Maduro.

In a message on Twitter, the foreign minister also denounced the increase in assassinations and the escalation of tensions in the armed conflict in Colombia.

‘While Duque travels the world to promote military coups in Venezuela, the human rights crisis in Colombia has worsened dramatically. The war has come back, social leaders and former combatants are assassinated almost every day, there are more drugs and poverty,’ Arreaza wrote.

The foreign minister responded in those terms to statements by Duque, who called from Europe to continue the diplomatic siege against the Venezuelan Government.

‘The solution in Venezuela is not a foreign military intervention but the rupture of the Army,’ Duque said in an interview with Europa Press.

He avoided referring to the situation in Colombia due to the domestic armed conflict, but noted the situation created by the presence of Venezuelan migrants on Colombian territory.

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