Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has denounced on Thursday the economic, financial and political aggression of the United States government against the South American nation.
‘The United States is planning to starve the Venezuelan people, by implementing harsh measures to affect its entire economy and population,’ warned the Foreign Minister during his participation at the International Seminar on Unilateral Coercive Measures (UCMs) and Impacts.

In his speech, Arreaza stated Washington´s maneuvers against Caracas and its effects on the social programs of the Bolivarian Revolution aimed at protecting the people. In this regard, he explained that the world monetary and financial system control by the White House eases the US President Donald Trump administration meddle into the international transactions of the national Executive and thereby precludes the purchase of commodities for Venezuelans.

‘There are five billion dollars withheld in world banks. This money went to purchasing medicines, food, paying the State services, buying parts for national industry, guaranteeing the Venezuelan oil industry operation,’ Arreaza said.

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