2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris explained that the difference between the immigration policies of the Obama and Trump administrations is President Barack Obama had «tone» and «perspective.»

Charlamagne Tha God, one of the hosts of The Breakfast Club asked Harris during her appearance Friday morning to explain the difference between the immigration policies of the last two administrations, specifically citing «pictures of the conditions of the border when [Obama] was in the White House.»

As the host referenced, earlier this week, House Democrats used, and then deleted, a photo of migrant children in cages that was taken during the Obama administration.

«Well first of all, President Obama understood in a very brilliant and elegant way that when the president of the United States has a microphone in front of her, it should be used in a way that is about elevating public discourse it should be in a way that is about treating people with respect and giving them dignity and lifting people up,» Harris answered.

«This guy is all about thinking that power is about beating people down, he doesn’t understand what we know – the real sign of strength of a human being is your ability to lift other people up,» she continued.

«So the difference let’s just start there is with tone and perspective on the issue of immigration,» the California senator added. «I do not question Barack Obama’s perspective on this issue, he is and I believe him to be a humanitarian who understands that we need to obviously we need to have border protection but we also are a country that has said that we will give you refuge if you are if you are fleeing harm.»

Earlier this week, an undocumented immigrant rights group, Movimiento Cosecha, staged an occupation protest inside 2020 front-runner Joe Biden’s campaign office. They demanded an apology from the former vice president for the deportations that occurred under Obama.


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