The Peruvian Government and the Judicial Power denied on Thursday that the neoliberal leader Keiko Fujimori is a political prisoner, as stated in a campaign by her party to exert pressure to have her preventive imprisonment revoked.
Both Prime Minister Salvador del Solar and Supreme Court President Jose Luis Lecaros denied that condition, which the Fujimori Popular Party (FP) invokes to end the 36-month preventive imprisonment of which the leader has served eight months, due to an investigation into asset laundering.

‘Definitely, she is not a political prisoner, because the Judicial Power, when it ruled her arrest, did not have a political influence, it was a resolution according to the law in the file,’ Lecaros noted.

On Monday, the FP launched a campaign that was not warmly welcomed for Fujimori’s release, in which the party attacked the prosecutors investigating her and the judge who sent her to prison, and announced an international appeal, in addition to accusing the Government of interference against the leader.

Fujimori’s preventive imprisonment is based on the conviction that if she is released, she can hinder the investigation by using the political power of her parliamentary bench, which enjoys a majority.

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