The Government of Panama said on Tuesday that it is analyzing the migration issue in a comprehensive manner with respect and without discrimination, in contrast to the xenophobic trend against poor migrants that has been criticized by some sectors.

Vice President Jose Gabriel Carrizo told reporters that a long-term strategic migration policy will be designed to defend national interests, and generate investment and good capital for the country, taking into account all criteria.

At a press conference at the end of a cabinet meeting, Carrizo informed that Ministry of Security Rolando Mirones will head the dialogue to analyze and debate the draft bills submitted by the lawmakers of the National Assembly (Parliament) on migration policies.

He made it clear that ‘everyone’s house is Panama and we have the key’; therefore, we will decide ‘who enters and who leaves, but without either discrimination or disrespect for anyone’. He added, ‘We will defend national interests, but with respect, without violence or discrimination, without violating international agreements’.

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