The Venezuelan government has rebuffed as interventionist statements made by US Vice President Mike Pence against relations Caracas maintain with Iran.
Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez posted on Twitter that the only threat to world peace are the supremacist cravings of Washington’s authorities, which intend to interfere in the internal affairs of the countries.

‘Venezuela repudiates the harsh statements by Mr. Mike Pence who shows his hatred against our country! The only threat to our region and the world is the military and supremacist dictatorship of his government that despises humanity,’ Rodriguez emphatically wrote.

Earlier, the US official stated that an alleged trip by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Yavad Zarif to Venezuela is aimed at developing destabilizing actions between the two governments.

‘Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif’s trip to Venezuela reminds us that Iran’s destabilizing activities go far beyond the Middle East,’ Pence posted on Twitter.

In that sense, Rodriguez said that the vice president’s accusations are paradoxical, when the Donald Trump administration is focused on violating the political rights of its inhabitants, as an example of a ‘dictatorship of capital’ that places ‘the fate of the United States’ at risk.

She also recalled that her country is the target of US criminal actions, such as an economic, financial and commercial blockade that generates millions in losses, and consequently, affects key sectors for the daily development of the Venezuelan people.

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