The Argentinean Club of Journalist Friends of Cuba (CAPAC) expressed its grief and sent its condolences to the Caribbean island for the death of the great poet Roberto Fernandez Retamar, president of Casa de las Americas.
In a message signed by the intellectual and writer Stella Calloni, president of that organization, the CEPAC expressed sorrow to Retamar’s relatives and friends due to his sensitive loss, and noted that since the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, he bequeathed, mainly, his example as a revolutionary intellectual in all his facets.

His struggle to rescue memories and cultures was unyielding, as well as the great wisdom and humility with which he defended the culture of Our Americas, the true essence of the long path to decolonization, Calloni said in her letter.

After highlighting the example of his life and work for the world, as well as his love for his homeland, Latin America and humankind, on behalf of the Club, its president noted that from that movement, ‘we assume the commitment to disseminate not only his poetic work but also his political, philosophical, revolutionary thinking, more necessary than never in times of colonial returns’.

A brilliant intellectual, Retamar died on Saturday in Havana at the age of 89.

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