The President of the National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, denounced that internal opposition is today resorting to a new electric sabotage after its failure to destabilize the South American nation.
‘The response of the opposition has been not to move,’ he said, so the Right only thinks of generating an extraordinary event that motivates its voters in some way, Cabello said.

Cabello added that the sabotage carried out on Monday in the National Electric System (SEN) is a new wave of actions with a similar file to what happened in last March and April when they sabotaged the Simón Bolívar Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in the Guri dam, state of Bolívar.

In this regard, the high-ranking official referred to the severe after-effects brought about on March 9, when the first terrorist attack cropped up precisely against El Guri, and subsequent actions with high-tech mechanisms.

‘The sabotages gave rise to a chain of actions to stabilize the electric system, regardless of the blockade imposed by the United States which prevented the acquisition of spare parts and supplies, the Bolivarian Executive managed to overcome the forced inconveniences and establish protocols normalizing the supply ‘, Cabello stated.

On the other hand, he warned about the complaint made by the government authorities after detecting a reconnaissance and e-intelligence aircraft, belonging to the US Navy, flying over Venezuela in a furtive way, without identifying itself and in an attitude of continuous incitement.

‘The opposition has shown throughout these days to be absolutely bigmouthed (…),’ he said about previous statements of leaders.

Cabello explained that the National Contingency Plan allowed the immediate response of services for the population in hospitals, transportation systems, water and security, while guaranteeing that the country’s electrical reconnection will be staggered, ‘but in the least possible time.

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