A hundred creators from different artistic disciplines will gather in Quito for the 3rd World Summit of the Arts for Peace and Life, to be held from this Thursday through August 17.
Under the slogan ‘Artists disarming wars, for a pact of kindness towards Mother Earth,’ artists from more than 48 countries will participate in the initiative, announced the Inti Amaru Visual, Poetic and Sound Arts Corporation of this country, host of the meeting.

Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica, China, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Finland, Israel and Germany will attend the event this year, the institution said.

The meeting will be held at several venues, including the Basilica del Voto Nacional and the Palacio de Cristal, in Itchimbia, two of Quito’s iconic monuments.

The programme includes courses, concerts, exhibitions, analyses and talks, which will lead to the elaboration of a manifesto for peace and will be opened with a pictorial exhibition of more than 200 works from the five continents.

Important artists will participate including 13-year-old Uruguayan violinist, Nicolas Maggi, and Peruvian painter Fredy Tuanama.

The so-called World Summit of Arts for Peace and Life was founded in 2015 as a result of the dialogue between artists from various countries, which was joined by sportsmen, scientists and writers with the aim of projecting a message of peace.


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