The Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) party demanded Monday that the Colombian government guarantee life, and cease persecution and stigmatization of its members.
The statement came after denouncing ‘an attack against two members of our community dedicated to the conservation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, the development and strengthening of the local economy, and the defense of peace agreements,’ a party statement read.

Albeiro Parras and Patricia Jaramillo were shot by three individuals on a motorcycle, when returning from the municipality of Mesetas (center) to the site where they were advancing the process of reincorporation after participating in a solidarity nursing effort at the headquarters of the coalition Hagamos Equipo x Mesetas.

Fortunately, said FARC, the two comrades managed to emerge unscathed, but their mobile phones were stolen.

The party demanded that the Attorney General’s Office investigate the incident to identify the material and intellectual culprits.

All political parties and party presidents have been invited to join a pact that seeks to respond to the need for respect for plurality, solidarity, equity and the principles and values that form the foundations of democracy, stated Monsignor Héctor Fabio Henao, president of the CNPRC National Committee, in a press conference.

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