Liverpool have been tied to kit manufacturer New Balance since the start of the 2015-16 season. The Reds are reportedly on the verge of signing a record kit deal with American giants Nike.

According to an article by French outlet Foot Mercato, New Balance are doing their best extend their contract with Liverpool.

With Liverpool fans excited about the prospect of an agreement with Nike that could be worth £1bn to the club over 10 years. New Balance making a last ditch attempt to hijack the deal will worry Kopites.

The Anfield club’s partnership with New Balance is worth £45m a season; considerably less than Manchester United’s £75m deal with Adidas.

In our eyes, there would be no benefit to staying with New Balance. The kit manufacturer cannot match Nike in any aspect. The American sneaker giants can bolster Liverpool’s image in America much more effectively than New Balance. The famous swoosh logo is also emblazoned on some of the world’s top footballers, whereas New Balance don’t have the same sway in the game.

This business deal will prove pivotal to Liverpool’s future. If Liverpool’s commercial side decide to stick with New Balance then it will show a staggering lack of ambition that is out of key with how the club have behaved in recent years. Anfield’s upper management have proven to be shrewd operators since FSG’s arrival on Merseyside.

In recent years the club have posted world record profits and invested the money wisely. We can only hope that these rumours are being used to squeeze Nike for a few pennies more. A Liverpool Nike deal would be massive for the club – let’s not waste the opportunity.

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