Following an exclusive interview with Donald Trump that aired on Thursday morning, Fox News correspondent Ed Henry called out the president for failing to fulfill his campaign “promise” on Mexico funding the proposed border wall dividing it from the U.S.

Henry made the comment after Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt excused Trump’s inability to make Mexico pay for border fencing, as she noted that the president suggested increasing tariffs on the country by 5 percent to pay for the wall but he doesn’t want to because “they’re they’re helping us out” on trade and immigration issues.

“But we’ve got to be clear, that that is something that he has not fulfilled the promise on, in fact, getting Mexico to pay it,” said Henry. “Now he is trying to transfer taxpayer funds in America.”

“So that is going to be an issue between now and the election, can he follow through on that part of the campaign promise?” he added.

Trump has made hundreds of comments vowing that Mexico will pay for the border barrier somehow. His varying explanations as to how they will pay for it has shifted from proposing trade tariffs to a cut in U.S. aid funding sent to Mexico, to stating outright in 2017 that “any money spent on building the Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!”

Henry, who met and interviewed Trump on the U.S.-Mexico border, went on to say that the administration “hasn’t completed [the wall] to be clear.”

“He is making progress on that. More importantly, it is working,” he insisted. “It is not just a political issue. It is working. It is preventing illegal immigrants from getting into America.”

During his interview with the president, Henry pressed him on why Republicans in the House and Senate could not get together to pass border wall funding when they controlled both sides of Congress.

“We had no Democrats. It is total misnomer,” said Trump. “We had a very tiny majority. We needed nine to 10 votes. If we didn’t get them, we couldn’t get them. We had the Republican votes.”


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