MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow observed on Monday that Trump’s stonewalling of Congress is no longer holding — and why she thinks Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will not last long in the administration.

“A key part of this scheme these guys were trying to pull off with President Trump involved ousting the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. She was pulled out of the embassy — apparently with the consent of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — in the spring of this year,” Maddow reported.

“Ambassador Yovanovitch testified on Friday that she was told to get out of Ukraine, ‘on the next plane.’ In her opening statement before her nine-hour deposition on Friday, she spelled out how the number two official in the State Department told her it was on the president’s orders that she was being recalled from her ambassadorship, even though she was told she had done nothing wrong,” she continued.
“Well, tonight you can add plus one to that, because just before getting on the air tonight, we learned that that recently resigned senior adviser to Mike Pompeo, Michael McKinley — the one who reportedly stepped down in protest of Pompeo’s behavior — Michael McKinley is now scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry against President Trump,” she reported. “His deposition is scheduled for the day after tomorrow.”

Maddow listed additional hearings that are already scheduled.

“And we know that the White House has been trying to stop all sorts of different people from giving testimony as part of these impeachment proceedings, both current officials and former officials. But whatever they’re trying to stop people from testifying no longer seems to be working,” Maddow concluded.

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